The Last Wizard | Table of Contents


In Memoriam – Mrs. James A. Colescott (“Nannie”)

In Dedication – Julia Walker Kearse

Introduction– My Long Journey Home 

PART I:  Atlanta – Time of Reckoning for the Great Second Klan

Chapter 1:  Hiram Evans & James Colescott – A Bond Forged In Loyalty Rewarded by Power

Chapter 2:  Atlanta 1939 – 1944 – Final Curtain for The Second Klan and House Colescott

Chapter 3:  Miami 1945 – 1947 Colescott Opposes Klan Renewal– A June Marriage for Momma

Chapter 4:  Return to Miami – A Baby Boy 1948 – A Brief Second Try in Tampa

Chapter 5:  Steep & Sudden Descent in Miami – Death of James A. Colescott 1950

Chapter 6:  A Special Mission to Fulfill Then West – Atlanta Again – Safety but Only Briefly

PART II:  Tampa – A New Grandaddy – Trepidation In The Land of The Crow 

Chapter 7:   Tampa 1953 – Predawn Arrival – Someone is Missing – Not so fast!!

Chapter 8:   A New Grandmother Dominates – Julia and I chart a Path Together 

Chapter 9:   Julia and Me – Two Outcasts Confront Jim Crow – A lifelong journey!

Chapter 10:  High School Years – Boys State – Finally I find a way to Shine!   

Chapter 11:  Politics for Me – Future Governor or Maybe Even President! Not So Fast Cowboy

PART III:  Realization Comes with A Price

Chapter 12:  Civil Rights Era – Momma Reveals Family Klan History – CBS Does Interview

Chapter 13:  Madison County Florida – Self Discovery – Me A Fraternity President!

Chapter 14:  FSU – Vietnam Protests – I Question My Sexuality – Marines – Timeout With Reba 

PART IV:  The Mountains – Spiritual Discovery – Angels Speak

Chapter 15:  Grad School – The Magical Green Revolution Health Store – Coming Out Disaster

PART V:  Surviving It All – Saying Farewell to Precious Elders – Final Reflections

Chapter 16:   Love, The Path Dimly Lit – Houston Near Death Gay Bashing  

Chapter 17:   Respite With A Gentle Friend – Rescuing Nannie – Too Many Funerals!

Chapter 18:   Storm Clouds Over America – Systemic Racism Is Real!

Chapter 19:   Truth – The Most Essential Ingredient in the Garden that is Democracy!   


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