In Dedication | Julia Walker Kearse

 In Loving Dedication

Julia Walker Kearse
1903 – 1993 

Julia, here we are again.  I miss and love you more than you could know. Thank you for loving me the way you did.  Remember when a bad Florida thunderstorm would appear, and Grandmama would have us sit in silence together waiting for it to pass.  I am waiting now again. I am alone now in another kind of storm. 

 I will be waiting for you down at Union Station one night in the not-too-distant future.  We are from another time.  You patiently cared for me and taught me in countless poignant ways about those times and your struggles while you listened to mine.  You helped me keep my eyes opened to see the humanity outside our closed world.  My life was changed forever.  In peace, we will take that good Ghost Train home together….. I Love you….. Jimmy.

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